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 Foot Facts

Your feet directly impact the rest of your body and support you with each step.  The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day, which is approximately 115,000  miles (>4x the earth’s circumference) in a lifetime! Running increases the pressure on your feet to 3-4x your body weight.  Ankle, knee, hip, and back pain can all result from abnormal foot function or ill-fitting shoes!  More than 75% of people will experience foot problems at some point in their life.


Orthotics are biomechanical appliances custom made for your specific foot imbalance(s). They fit inside your shoe as a comfortable insole and are designed to properly align your feet, thereby reducing strain on the remainder of your body.

They can be designed in a variety of styles to fit your lifestyle needs, whether for dress shoes, casual office wear, athletics, or safety shoes!

 The Orthotic Group also offers several lines of quality brand name footwear to complement your orthotics.  View their online catalogue here: TOG Footwear Catologue


  For more information about Custom Foot Orthotics, visit:  Information about Custom Foot Orthotics or The Orthotic Group


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Compression Hosiery for Men and Women

 Dr. Reena's office provides quality gradient compression products to help improve circulation, prevent swelling and relieve tired, achy legs. From knee-highs to pantyhose, trouser socks to thigh-highs, the office offers a wide range of stylish colors, styles and sizes.

The compression stockings are able to be ordered in 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg.  It will be necessary for patients to have prescription from their medical doctor so that they can be covered by their extended health benefits.  Usually to be covered a 20-30mmHg gradient compression stocking must be prescribed

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Who Should Wear Support Hosiery?

People who have or are experiencing any of the following conditions can benefit from wearing gradient compression products:

  • tired, aching, fatigued legs
  • swollen feet, ankles and legs
  • stand or sit for long periods
  • expectant mothers
  • overweight.

Travelers can definitely benefit from gradient compression socks and hosiery. Sitting for long periods of time can reduce blood flow to the legs and feet, thereby creating discomfort in the legs and feet. This can cause minor leg problems like tired legs, leg cramps and swelling.

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Donning of Compression Stockings