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 2015 Newsletters

  •  Spring -Straighten Up, Canada!, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), Bike Fit Basics, Spring Tips (Spring Cleaning!)\
  • Summer - Back-Saving Gardening Tips, Complementary, Alternative or Integrative Health? Alternatives to Ibuprofen, Watermelon Gazpach
  • Fall - Back Talk - Myth & Facts About Your Back, Posture Perfect,  5 Things to Know About Back Pain, Tips for a Health Back.

2014 Newsletters

  • Spring - Running into Spring:10 tips for Injury-Free Running, Running Stretches, How Chiropractors can Help Prevent Running Injuries, Product Spotlight - Mag Citrate
  • Summer - Rotator cuff injury, Golfer's Elbow: Conservative Management, Kinesio Tape - What are those colourful patterns? and Product Spotlight - Endura. 
  • Fall - The "S-Curve", Scoliosis, Falling Leaves: Preventing Yard Work Blues,  Guide to Staying Healthy During the Cold & Flu Season, Double Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups, The Healthy Way! 
  • Winter - Concussions, Heads up on Helmets, Headaches: Prevention and Treatment, Product Spotlight- Ultraflora Health Defense

    2013 Newsletters

    • Spring - Gardening & Spring Exercise, Pregnancy & Chiropractic, Children & Chiropractic, Product Spotlight - Estrovera
    • Summer - Shape up (Tips for Pain and Injury Free Summer), Water and Hydration (Are you Drinking Enough?), Osteoporosis, Senior's Corner - Fall Prevention
    • Fall - Phytomulti: The Smart Multi - Vitamins & Phytonutrients, Healthy Holiday Knitting, I feel great! Do I still need a chiropractor?! and Some like it Hot, Some like it Cold... Doctor Should I use heat or Ice?
    • Winter - Therafirm (Compression Hosiery), Housework Survival Guide, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SJD), P.R.I.C.E- 5 simple rules to speed up recovery.

    2012 Newsletters

    • Spring - Omega 3, Whiplash, High Heels, Common Workout Mistakes
    • Summer - Inflammation: What is it?, Fighting Inflammation: NSAIDs, Fighting Inflammation: The Natural Way, Product Spotlight: Traumeel
    • Fall - Student Syndrome, Graston and Breast Cancer, Sciatica, Safe Raking Tips
    • Winter- Hockey - Staying in the Game, Driving and Back Pain, Holiday Travel - Pack It Light Wear It Right, Product Spotlight - Immucore


    2011 Newsletters

    • Spring - Choosing the Right Athletic Shoes, Walking, Common Sports Injuries, Golf Tips
    • Summer -Headaches, Summer Safety, Sunscreen & Sunglasses, Spine Alignment
    • Fall- Ergonomics, Stress Busting Tips, Sleep, Mattress & Pillow Selection, Tips for a Healthy Spine
    • Winter- Vitamin D, Biofreeze, Safety in Winter Activities, Holiday Survival Guide


    2010 Newsletters

    • SummerNutrigenomics, Nutrition, Gardening Tips
    •  Fall -Backpack Safety, Custom Foot Orthotics, Healthy Holiday Eating, Herb Roasted Turkey Recipe, Safe Trick or Treating for Halloween
    • Winter - Health Tips for the New Year, Graston Technique, Cold & Flu Remedies, Safe Snow Shovelling Tips

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